I got some facts that heppening to me these day.
  • I started getting lazy to cook or to went into kitchen
  • My room is a mess--
  • I am trying to make excuses for not going to school
  • My homework is left by itself
  • My attitude  to others start to get a lil Vain?
  • My make-up consists of eyeliner-mascara.. My eyes is my best figure (err , at least i think so )
  • My heart -- that used to thumped for him. Now , its okay . Maybe because im so over him . lol . Well , nevermind . There is always a chance to like somebody and to be like -for who  they said its 'love'. (Trying to limit my tongue from saying those L word)
  • I dyes my hair dark brown again , because some irresponsible people (or normal people refer them as hairdresser. ROFL) cut my previous hair. My old highlighted hair been missing out of me since zillion month ago.Highlighting hair is such a waste of money. Probably the best for you to dyed it all.
  • Need to kill my kittens-their poops all over my room. Grr
  • Saving money for particular reason
  • But , wasted it to buy cute stuff--and Raya shopping.
  • Getting depressed just to think of my poor--pathetic life.( Just my thought )
  • Easily fall for cute guys -- you know who. Blame them, for dance hotly . Well , people intend to like cute and attractive things.(Err , what they called again ?Ouh yeah , its Mother Nature)
Ouhh , i think i need a panadol , NOW!
Toddles folks--

Copyright by Amalina Mursiedy