31st August Post

Today , i checked Jay Park fan page. Long time tak check , and theres like a ton of news about him . Ignoring them all , my hand head to clicked the link for his picture update. And and omg. I was like so shocked. Since when did Jayy have a tattoo on his left shoulder ?? I know that he recently get a tattoo behind his ears- AOM. And i tot its cool.But one is enough. Dont ruined your body la , Jayy. Sighh-_____-"!
The tattoo on his shoulder says something like Always Come Proper . Below it , got some number. Rumors said that it was his family members birth date.Awww. So sweet of ya.
Haha , still , you look awesome as usual . Haishhh , this lately im heading over heels in love with KPOP stuff. Gotta get rid of'em sometimes kann? Its gonna became a habit. Yeah KPOP is a drug to me.
Yeah , planning on watching Lee Seunggi & Shin Minah new comedy drama - My Girlfriend is Gumiho. They said A.N.JELL making a cameo for the drama. Cant wait to watch them on air again ~ It so long since YAB drama finished.

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