superb rookie

okey  now a big big news. Beating up Super Junior of 13 members  now! A new group will born with 17 members in it?Under TGN Entertainment, a new boy band will emerge with the name 20star. 

omg , like hella thats quite  a number.Okey this surey the biggest idol in Korea rite? I mean , a group of 17 member? Wooohoooooooooooooooooooooo.

The members include A-Run, who has been dubbed the leader of this band, as well as Xeno, Ricky, Dongkyu, Daeyoung, Luie, Dowon, Jaeyoon, Seungtae, Hongmin (Min), Ryan, Shinsong, Shiho, Sangmin, and Hwan.  The year of birth for the listed members range from 1989 to 1994, with A-Run being the oldest and Xeno the youngest. That supposed to be the maknae is on the same age as me kan?

Haha. altho i tak tahu which one is who yet.And and there will be member will be added later to make it total of 17. I guess. aND AND it has been rumored that they will debut sometime in August.
And i think i will loike this group as much i like the others. Hopefully.

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