New New Brand New

omg omg double ohmaiiiigowd~!Haha , yes finally i have something new to watched. Lol.
kevin and eli~
okey , now i totally focused on new variety show about ukiss. After their vampire thingy , they now a chef wannabe. Omg , its about UKISS again. Gawd , what can be more wonderful than that right? Yeah yeah , ukiss again. ukiss again. Hahaha.Dongho is in black hair. Thats mean , this show isstill brand new. It must be around What song is famous kan? I guess so. Anywayyyyyy , it just good to see them back again. Awiiiiiiiiiiiee
kiseop and Xander
Like yeah , this show is so friggin hill-a-rious<3<3 and cute too. Not to mention . Lol.
love love love the new show yo!
ukiss is soooo adork-able:) snorts*

ouww , btw here the links : Chef's Kiss ep 1 1/6 (eng)

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