a life in Putrajaya

okey , as all you guys know , i already moved to putrajaya and have a life there.Yeah so far it was cool . The home is rather great and comfy. Its larger than our last one.But i prefer our previous living room . This one is quite small .Haha , yeah , i bukannya nak leak kat living room pon but kalau ade guest? takke gasak dibuatnya??

But the school ..
OMG , big giler kott. Boleh sesat . The design of the scchool macam maze tahuu? Nasib baik first day aku tak sesat. Kalau sesat , mampoihhhh nak carik jlan balikkk.Yeah yeah . haha . okey there , i have a loadsssss of friends kott? i mean , hey talk about being a newbies. Selalunya payah nak carik kawan . Naib baik senang jea kat sini . They are friendly-type of friends. Not to mention , i only have 18 pupils on my class? like wth? hahaha , sikit gylerr. so , sebab tu kitorang boleh adapt dengan suasana ni . Ya know , like a big bunch of family members? Hahaha.

And i have to changed my stream subject again-,- .
This is like the third ime in a year i changed my stream subject . This time , bye bye physic and chemistry, hello science and add science. No account -____-. Like how the  heck im going to score if i kept changing my subject? Duhhh , anyway , luckily add scince is a combination of phy and chem . Kalau tak , gagal lah aku gamaknyaaa. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

Yeah , did i tel u guys about the canteen?Not yer lorrr? Hahaha , the canteen is human-gous . Like huge enough to fit an elephant there? Haha , seriously , it was huge. A big school that only contain a 600+ student? Are u kidding me? My last school is way wayyyy smaller than this one but have a 2000 pupils? Hahah , we should exchange school with my previous one. Lol . anyway , talking about the canteen . Well , actually its a cafeteria. Yeah a cafe? They sell a lot of food choice instead of school canteen that usually sell the oily nasi-goreng.. Huhhh. This one is much better and testier. Hahha . Its not that im comparing those two school. I mean , im seriously drop dead missing TTDI jaya school like hellla
Iman , Nini , Marina ,Zaf , Eza , Puteri , Putra , Paktam , Helmi , Hada  and etc. They are my soul mate okeyy? Awwww , i missed them a lott. GUYS , WHEN ARE WE GOING TO MET?
hha, wtv.

okey back to the school . it was hella boring . I mean every monday and tuesday we all get back from school at 4.30? 4.30??????????????? can u believe that? like 14 hours have to be spend infront the book? Mann , i want my old life back . And wednesday got co-curuculum , so we get back at 5.30? Haha? how suck is that? But mom said , theres no need to go to extra - class if we study till late 4. Okeyyy , no tuition is the best , Hahaha.But thursday and friday are my fav . we got to get back on 2.30 on thursday . and friday we got back early for the jumaat prayer. HUH.
Luckily , haha . still, i stick to ict subject which is cool . I am good on those subject <3

so , my conclusion is , Putrajaya is not that bad . Still , the TTDI-ans the besttt

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