Cute Devil Angel?

Get it? Get what i meant by the title dudoooos? haha , yeah i meant as cute as Shinee. Yeah they gonna be back . But like what? Errr , as in 3days kan? Yep three days is alright. But you know what? WHERE AND WHEN CAN I DOWNLOAD IT?! Huhh , lucky me fer being like so orang ulu fer not having any internet access. Pfffft -_____- . haha . okey back to the topic.

i call them a devil because  in their new comeback song entitiled Lucifer? Lucifer equal = Demon//Devil . I mean bukannya aku tak namapak dorang matured ke ape? But heeeeeyyyy , they are normally debut with a  goffy and cute style . Hahaha , okey changed fer the better huh, Shinee? NVM , i still loveeeeeeeee you like a lot okey? Hahah. Yeah , and Key , who makes you shave your hair? Lemme kick his ass  off! Awwwwieee , miss your old hair lah key ! You should say no to the company..If i were Shinee manager. I'll make sure you not gonna shave even a string of your hair. Okey  , i wish i am. Lol.

look! Look what happen to your body and image , Shinee. Thats what happen for not picking me as your manager. ahha.
keep on day dreaming amal ,thats gonna turn you to a silly and mad person someday~

Copyright by Amalina Mursiedy