Nichkun syndrome

okey , just then , aku baru je bace news on popseoul about KHUN-VI C couple. Hhaah , and ya know what , it was a really upsetting news for someone is addicted to Thai Prince , Nichkun .Yelahh, sanggup jea si mamat tailand tu panggil victoria tu ' my wife'.WTH? My Wife~~!!Baca tajuk jea buat hati aku panas weyh.Lol.
okey seriously , im friggin jealous of that red hair girl , Vic . I mean , she is older than Khunnie okey . Huhh-__-

saw that , the twitter msg above .I really hope Alex didnt send his HII to Vic. Hahha.Wtv,i admit  , i ter-over so , WHAT?!haha , yeah , i know there so many others girls dont agreed with this decision on Khun getting married to Vic  rite? But , on the bright side , i can see Khun again on reality show . Hhaha .Bouyahhhh Amal?

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