Ich Liebeee~

in this pic :- haha , teka sendiri!
Cuz i cant stop thinking bout you girl , 

HAHA , Super Junior Chibi is so cute , kan? Hee~ i have more. Nak nak?:P
Whatever.Lol. If nak , search la sendiri. Wooot wooot. Haha ,

Okey -okey , no time for stupid joking  anymore. Yeah i just get back from Sri Manjung , Perak for my cousin wedding , Abang Asyraf . FYI , he is the one that involves in making Upin & Ipin . Yup , he is a worker in the company , which i dont know the name. Abang Asyraf in charge in graphic kot ? As i remembered la , dia pena offer nak kasik baju Upin and Ipin for free .

But sampai dah berbini pon , ta kasik-kasik jugak. Haiiiihh-___-. Haha ,Kak Ros , his wife looking beautiful at the ceremony . I envy those newly wed lorrrr. Dude , you are only 16 la Amal. Hahha . Anyway ,congrats Asyraf && Ros for your wedding.

Because Mak Tam house {Abang Asyraf hse } was full , my family stay at Marina Resort for a night. Well , as i remembered the hotel services was sucked as as* . Huh , the breakfast dosent even has a taste on it . Plain gilerr. Macam makanan org sakit okeyy! Hahha , complain jer kau ni Amal.

But sebelom  balik , kitornghha singgah Lumut untuk beli some dried sotong , keropok and etc.Haha , keje melantak dlm kete la nie. Sambil sumbat headphone sygg aku tu , makan keropok. Woaahh , best duh :D
Haha , so around 5 mcm tu kitorng sampai Shah Alam.Actually , boleh lagi awal , but tadi ada accident so the road kena tutup for awhile. Jam oiii! Kebas punggung duduk dlm kete tak keluar2 . Hahah , but finally sampai rumah and terus masuk tidur

I know its stupid , but HEY! thats my life all about!

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