Happy Birthday , Girl

Happy birthday dear Wan Eza Ezzaty :)
Happy 16 years old , and may be merry always.
I love you dear friend and hey , you are the older one<3
The cap.. i bought it:P cute isnt it?
hahah. better admit it. Its cute. If it isnt foe Eza , i would buy it for me too . Hahaha
Yeah , today .1st of July , we celebrate her super duper sweet 16 at Gelang Kopitiam , TTDI jaya
Woot woooot <3 seriously it was hella fun day.hahah.
It was crazy actualy . Kitorang even main baling tepung.
Yea yeah , i know its very childish , but what can we do .
We all over-enjoyed ourselves to much <3<3
Anyway , Eza , happy birthday again . and i love ya!

And and , i finaly managed to eat jjajang-myun <3<3
its delicious as its look okey? Omg , no wonder they like it so much and getting crazy over this food. Its finger licking good..

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