gamba curik dari facebook paktam kekeke , dia tak tahu , pi lantaklah. hehehe

ni gamba keberet feveret aku!! Comel kan , comel kan? Yeahh , aku tahu. Iman dalink aku tuu , hee . Baju dia cantik eooo. Nak nak nakkk. Yang sebelah kiri berbaju putih tu former birthday girl yang aku tulis dulu , Wan Eza Ezzaty . Hee , PSP dlm gamba tu bukan aku punye yee ^-^ Paktam , si anak org kaya tu yang punye. Dahlah pakai i-phone. Hahahah , And aku makan Kimchi Bi-bim-bap. Seriously , sedap woook. Lagi-lagi pelayan dia korean ajusshi. But ckp english lohh. And and dah baca cerita pasal DNA tue?


3 months ago, they debuted with ‘Admiring Boy’ when ‘Beast-idols’ were the trend. The nation boy idol group D-NA who raised a big topic revealed a teaser image of their new mini-album ‘Awake’.

The meaning of their 1st mini album ‘Awake’ is a transformation from boys to men. We could see their different chic charm in the teaser image that they revealed on 10th June. This time D-NA will throw away their cute and young image, then take a step to their manly charm, showing their rebellious image.

Fans & netizens comments for this teaser are “It’s totally a man! They become so cool. I fell in love again.”, “It’s a photo that makes me looking forward for the comeback. I’m totally can’t wait for June 17th.”, “I thought they’re only young. Their manly image makes my heart pound.”, etc, and showing a explosion of responses.

D-NA plans to continue their activities after they released their 1st mini album ‘Awake’ on June 17th.

note: copy and paste je okey.If any info salah , marah depa . bukan aku.Hahaha. 
And bile aku tgok gamba diorng , aku inagat FTisland XD silly me !
kann? Mcm FTIsland kann?Hahah

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