Totally a BIG hit , Wanjjang Daebakk!!~

omaigod, HAHA . the song is out bebehhh <3<3 Love , lovelove. The song was freaking hawt item . If this album sells in Malaysia , i'll surely grab it first. The beat really groove me up <3<3 Check it out dude :-

whatchu think? cool huh ? yes it is duh-__________-
Yeah , now only the MV is left .
When its out again? Hoh , me waiting~~!
Haha , sorry ter over-excited.
Well , obviously , its common .
Guys , its SUJU..
who wouldnt get all worked up kann? Hahaha.
Suju oppa HWAITING!!

so , plese yrself to download it , HERE

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