T-ara is LOVE

T-ara maknae , jiyeonnie<3 is on the movie Death Bell 2 :) Omoo~ i miss kim beom acting in Death Bell . He such a hotiee~ Anyway , jiyeon is acting without her make-up. I mean , the eyeliner. It look so natural plus cute~~

JiYeon's like the queen of cuteness. I mean, everything she does (especially her poses on photos) are just adorably cute that I can't help myself but admire her even more. Hehe!! Her pouting lips always look cute. Mann , i wish im one of her besties !~

Speaking of T-ara.haha.i found this video. Actually this one is one of the Cinderella Unnie [Cinderella sister] cut. And the lead actress , sape ntah nama dia , dance to T-ara Bo peep Bo peep after her lil bro tell her that she is totally out-of date.

So , kakak dia ni do some research for the latest hot group. She found and watch T-ara On Music Bank// Mnet Countdown  .- bo peep bo peep.haha . So cute. This one will be aired as the last episode of the drama. So funnehh how she tries to follow the dance step.

Her forhead kee crouching lol. But still , its worth it. I'll give you the link . Watch it on minute 00.20 onward. Then , skip the middle part to minute 07.00. It surely make you guys a laugh <3<3


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