Jerry ~~~ Woahhhhhh , saranghanda saranghanda saanghanda . saranghanda~

Cnblue Kang Minhyuk dah potong rambut pendek punye. Sangat sangat cutestuff.Awww<3
They are seriousy drop dead cute . 
Yup , they make a comeback on Mubank and you know what ?! they are awesome.
This song is catchy lol. Btw , Jongg sudah rebond . No more curly , hey straight line.
Goshh , hes hot okey. Can i make him mine.Inform me if you are his wifeyy , 
we can make a deal and be MADU lol.

YES THEY ARE CUTE RIGHT?yeah yeah , blabbie yeah.hahh.

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