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im currently at my 할머니 [ harmeoni ] house , yeah my grandma is very ill . So , im here with my family , watch out over her here at kampung . Yeah , it was pretty gloomy here . My aunts and uncles cried watched my grandma worst condition.We even had our solat berjemaah for her . Pray to god , she will be safe and sound as usual .Insyaallah . Aminnn.

Yeah , now im anticipating for SUJU and MBLAQ comeback .Like daaaaaaaaaaa , MBLAQ , whats up with you guys? I thought your comeback is around late April kan? Woooh , im waiting la guys. I mean B2st even have their second album already . When are you guys going to make a comeback//?Anyway , the song , its better be good or i'll strangle you guys . Hahaha

As for SUJU , hee , i can wait . Take your time oppa , i know the song will come out great . kan ? Well , nothing ever compete with Suju . They are my everlasting love . But without Hangeng , i find it a lil bit bored . Well, hangeng is my handsome ballerina . Lol . But , make it faster so i can download it and fill it on my phone memorycard . Biar penohhh! woot wooot**


p/s :Jinwoon 2AM , saengil chukaeeeee oppa!

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