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yeah yeah i got a tag from this dude . Tengs Khairul :] BTW he is jiyeon hubby :]hha
And and im editing my post balik , tersilap instruction doe. Bo-yahhhh?! Haha , yeah imma careless kiddo . Dontcha knoe? Menurut Jiyeon hubby , the answers should start with first capital of your name . Mine is N , so .imma changed my answer..
so here we goes:

What is your name ?
Noor Amalina // Amal

A four Letter Word :
Nail. Yeahh , my nail is getting long :p

A boy's Name :
N---- Nichkun 2pm :]

A girl's Name :
Nicole from Kara . I adore her , oh-kayy?

An occupation :

A colour :
Neon ? I guess so!

Something you'll wear :
N- - - - - i dont get any ? ade ade?

A type of food :
Noodle. Black bean noodle//jjajangmyun

Something found in the bathroom :
Nemo tooth brush . My sis owns:]

A place :
No any others except South Korea

A reason for being late :
Normally i wake up very late , haha

Something you'd shout :
no one no one no one no one!

A movie title : 
Neottamune naega micheo~

Something you drink : 
Neslo ice

A musical group :
Narsha and the BEG //SUJU//2PM//SHINEE//DNA//TARA//UKISS//ZE:a//MBLAQ//B2ST//etc.

An animal :
Naega(saya punye) kitty.Gedik the cat<3 Dia tengah merajuk sebab sekarang musim mengawan.Haha , tak boleh keluar rumah sebab dia bawah umur.

A type of car :
-Nova [ i think it has] well , curious? Serch- your-self!

A type of fruit :
Naga fruit [ dragon fruit]

Nini . Shira . Biha . Dora . Fika . Aimi . Solehn . Neyna . E-kin .Fai . Aien . bla bla blaa.. And tagged yourself if free:]]

I think Mc'd Chicken getting testier compared to KFC these day . Haha , ignore me . slap myself*

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