super duper triple double cutie taeminnn~
hee ,today school is pretty much oh-kay . takde lah boring sgtt kan. Yeah you know what , i lied . I'M FREAKIN BORED' . Hell yeahhh , theres nothing to watch and laugh about.
Im dying please help! T,T

Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , okey ignores me people . Fine , i'll just watch TV .
And yeah , tonight i will be all alone by myself without no one around , lol . Nahh , my sista ade lah . Yupp , my mom is attending her meeting at KL.AGAIN ! =,=  and she leaves us alone at home.she said its the case of  Mahkamah ape ntahhh .Huhhh , its quite hard being a judge huh?To attends all the meeting and stuff.

Pfffft , i wonder , haha . do  i still have the dream to became a lawyer ? Hahah , Amal ,wake up baby , SEJARAH kau pon hampir-hampir GAGAL jea.Ada hati nak jadi lawyer!Daya pemikiran saya agk macam sipot jea, makan semut banyak kott?Sebab tu sye susah sikit dalam bab menghapal niehhh


"Ahhh lapar," grumbling tummy
"okey , im off , earing ice creamm . Daaaaaa"

Dont read this entry . Its Stupid -,-

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