Saengil chukae , jonghyun

Hello honey ,

8 April 199*
looking the:
 first picture-bwahahah , hes wearing two watches . And they both are white , so cute~Haha , although you Bling Bling oppa , your dorkiness is unresisted.Its cuteeee~
Second picture-yea , i bet ya guys know aite , its the photo jacket for RDD album . this one is totally hot kann? No ? Pffffttt .. kau memang!Buta!Gahaha , *note:please ignores my rubbish talk*

Hehhh ,anyway oppa , i know you wouldnt read this . And i bet ya dont know that this blogspace exist, huh?haha . Still , as a SHINEE WORLD , i wish you a very happy birthday.Keep on rocking oke? I will always for eternity *(-,-"! ayat extreme tuu) support you all the way , baby .And yeah , you are my another blondie angel beside , Dongho and Honggi . Well not fully  hha , let just say you are my half blondie angel ?Hehh , oke?

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