picture of the day

Kim Heechul , why did you became sooo hot these days?Omg , cinderella have transform into a hottie?I like~bwahahah.My first love is him~<3 The one and only princess for me,haha.yeah!PRINCESS! he even has a beauty face better than me lol. i sooo need a plastic surgery. Kidding la kiddo. Percaya sangat.Hee-nim , saranghamnida. Noettemune naega micheoseo!

Okey okey these day i became lazy as asses. My home works being left undone.My house chores , malas.My daily routine now is sit in front my Minnie the lappie , and online. Gaahh , addicted.Computer addict syndrome. Bwhaha,memandai je kau reka syndrome baru amal!Walaweyh , i need to go first . My honey is calling~Anyong!

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