Today at school - our homeroom teach Mr Khoo-

"Students ,today you will get your exam slips"
*Noise noise , nervous haha.
"Izzan, syed and bla bla blaaaa"
"Noor Amalina,"

yeh the result is :
i got the fifth place . well , i find it kindda weird.hha . you mean , me AMAL get top 5 ?
Bwahha , dont joke. But its the fact duhh.haha , and for that , thanks teachers for teach me.haha , i know i didnt do so well , but thank youuuuu.haha

yeahhh , for me to survive in the top 3 class is hard . The fact that i used to study on 'low grade' class  is unbelievable , huh?hah , i used to sit on class G - the 6th class/ 11th class.haha , yeah i do improve alots , thank you for all your hard works teach.

i love you :]

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