Shin Dongho always make my day better :]
 omgeeeee , i think i found a new cinderella.Mianae , heechul oppa. Dongho-yah [informal] haha , how can a 17[16] years old kid can be as cute as you?And and i want to strangle you for made me fall into those smiley eyes and cute smile.

oh god , listen up people. HOHO ,im moving out again-_- . Yeah ,my mom is getting promoted again.This time we will go back to our hold house at Shah Alm.My mom being transferred to  Putrajaya . So , i guess this is the end of my school life at Melaka huh? one years and 5 month im spending my time living at Melaka . Now , i felt bad about leaving home~ I dont know what will happen to Mai and Naddy while i aint be around. I bet they will get bored . Still , phone kan ade. I'll call you guys ! No worries

Anyway , on the bright side , im gonna meet my old bestfriends again. Im so excited i fell like screaming out loud. Yeahh , and they dont know im gonna transferred there just yet . 3rd of Mei , they will surprised when im attending the school . They gonna scream when they saw me stand infront of them . *yo yo o je  si amal ni*Haha. Yeah they are my soulmates forever okkey?

so , lastly , i hope everything will go just fine~

Ukiss vamps has come to the end . Ep 10 will be the farewell . Dont miss it okeyy?


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