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Mworago! Naega mworago!
Yes , im currently so into their song , WHAT!
Finally , Kiseop has some line there . Poor baby , ta pena ade line. But not for this song , he is the introduction of the song~~www , smexy ulzzang , Kiseop!
ouw , yeah , btw have you guys check out the ss501 new look for their new upcoming song ?
if not , check it Here
What da ya think?Scary plus creepy kan? Haha , mian ss501 , but i think your new concept is so not like you guys.Just stick to what you are. You have some kind of killing aura on that outfit. Its give me goose bumps lahh..Change it cepatt!
Bo--yahhhh? Apa hak kau nak pakse diorang amal?Haha:P

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