Yeah , i think i need to improve myself more.Today , ADDMATHS period , Mr Khoo tapped me on my shoulders. And say

"Amal , u said to me yang u boleh dapat markh baik untuk UPP 1"
"Sir , its not that i failed or something."
"Yelah , markah you banyak rendah woo"
"Sir , u selalu tease me lah . Ramai lgi yang mrkah rendah maa"

Yeah , im pretty good at whimper and annoys people -__________-
Haha , i seriously need to improve my learning skill . I talked too much . I give up on something as soon i dont understand it .I got disturb easily . I wasnt paying any attention whats being written infront of the whiteboard.I got sleepy fastly.I hate ADDMATH!.But , At least i didnt failed kan?Wohooooo , i so need to study.But but hey , i got ranked Top 10 on my class.Awesome huh? so , i was thinking ,  i dont want to and i dont need to attend any tuition center , it sucks . Ibu , i so dont need a tutor.I will study hard by myself , boleh?

My friend asked me earlier-
"Eh , asal kau suke sgt kat artis korea lelaki huh?"
"entah , diorang cute kot?"
"Tapi , diorang tu spesis GAY kan"

barang sesiapa yang mengutuk my seobang(s) , you so not gonna see tomorrow.

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