cameo debak

ah , yeah . i was watching dance subaru on Astro Box Office channel 953 just now . Well , actually , citer ni memang dah lama aku nak tengok . But , the time havent come just yet. Luckily , tadi  tergerak hati nak bukak channel 953. Tengok lah kan.
 And DBSK, who sang the theme song for the movie, also cameos as a well-known group, making the movie even more enticing for moviegoers. I was anticipting it from the start
 So , i was looking forward for that scene since i tak pena tengok lagi kan. And suddenly...

Be CRZAZY people ! yeahh
haha , im like a retard when DBSK  make a cameo on this japanese drama lol . I was fainted like  second . Omg , i was screaming out loud okey? Hha , those guys are killing me . Those movement  those smile. ahh*fainted*


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