haha , yeah saje je nak menunjuk ni kan.hehh , yes my comment [amalhaha8D] on youtube get the highest rated. Actually bukan ape pon , it just on MBLAQ IDOL ARMY EP 6 (6/6) , they use Azan as a background. and me as a muslim , mestilah rasa offended kan , sesedap hati secukup rasa je nak gune an annnn?haha , and for that , i ant lah comment yang tertera diatas , yes i got 6 rted for this comment , maybe ya'all semua yang rated tu islam rite , of coz terasa kan? Still , Idol Army producer , you should search another audio to make it as background music , oke? :]

btw , my mom tetiba nak belikan i Sorry Sorry album , and hey , i DAPAT!

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