Okey , sit tight . Posture betulkan . Now , together , SCREAMMMM!
Yeah yeahhh , Ze:a is back ppl:) With brand new hot image .Awww , just look at those abs . Six pack , babyy . Haha . This is their 2nd single jacket photos .Kot? .ZE:A members sudah dilihat in mohican hairstyles having undergone a transformation from their last imge . Yang dulu tu hott jugakk , Now lgi hot.Yeah they gonna release a new song. Cant wait!
Star Empire said, “They will be releasing their 2nd single on 25th March. We hope everyone will give support to their more matured and masculine image.”
And yeah , i found something to release my anger for not be able to go to the Suju's cncrt - Airport arrival

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