New Browser skins

clickable picca :)
Seriously , i was freakin bored . Then i was lying around like pfft -,-.I dont want to keep onlining , cuz my lappie,Minnie just rest about four hour since my last online time.Arhh , my heart keep itching to press the Power button on my Minnie  . Yes , i end up opening my laptop . AGAIN=_="! pfft , amal .You just suffered from this disease . Yup , Unable to control desire disease . Well , im an Information and Communication student anyway (ICT) , so ta boleh lepas lah dari semua bendalah ni . Technologies i mean .Hog , keep me away from the laptop please?Haha , back to the pic , yea its my JAY. MINE? Arasso?Hehh , too bored and i ended up doing some stupid stuff .AGAIN.Lol.Yeah , im editing my firefox theme and the browser skin.I like it more now . Sejuk je mata pandang muke Cutie pie aku ni <3Hehh , Nak buat jugk.Nak buat jugakk.pfftt, semua kau nak copy aku?Cari sendiri lah. Gahhh , Ok , Bye


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