waiting for you PART 2 -jaybeum 2pm answer

please click  here  HOTTEST . Must see! Tribute to jay!
for the fans who created this ,kamsahamnida!
download the song  here (Waiting for you part 2 by HOTTEST)

translate from the vid:
Girl I’m with you
Let’s pray together I will smile next to you
I’m back to you girl
We are one day, the times of happiness that will continue forever
Seven stars, I put on the wings on my dreams
With one mistake I lost my dream
But I will not give up
I am 2PM’s Leadja, unstoppable
I will fill up that one last minute in 2PM
I will come back, I’m not afraid even if I’m alone
Because you guys will be walking behind me
Let’s walk together forever HOTTEST
And my special ONEDAY
Let’s not shed tears so that we wouldn’t hurt together
I will always be with you in this world

i want it to be true .Leader Park , can you say it to us , to the hottest?

shed tears!Now , so long emo and happy time!
yeah beast is back!but not with full song yet Only the teaser.Hence , i will show it to you:
Beast SHOCK teaser <---click there!

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