Sponge Band

Sponge Band!
okey , this is weird !totally , but it says , this newcomer band is catching up on idol groups on album charts at a scary speed. 

Their first released album was on the 19th Feb and it seems it get higher rate .What is more eye-catching about this group is that on the album release day itself, it surpassed idol singers like Big Bang and KARA on the chart, and it was up #3 n the Artiste Best chart. I mean , hell yeah he just beat KARA  and BIGBANG? well , its so unbelievable . Big Bang even win the MNet Award 2008 right?duh-___-.
and this group come in a flash and surpassed them?Amazing!

Sponge Band is a composite 5-member school band, it is formed by 1 male vocalist Oh Song and 4 female band members KeySharp, SooYeon, GaOn, and CheongA.


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