Seohyun -Yonghwa : first meeting

too bad it dosent have subs.But tengs to my sansangnim yang ajar saye base korea uh .sikit demi sikit , haha , saye agak paham la jugak an annn:)

waiting nervously and with anticipation :)
Jonghyun beside Yonghwa : gidaridaga chichinda
Yonghwa : *glare*
A few minute laterr...
CNblue : 'Wassuh wassuh'(shes here!shes here!)
Yonghwa:*nervous*(do i look okey?)
Jungshik : Lets move! 
Cnblue bend their body , smaller their eyes for a clearer view
ahhh , tengok mereka , mcm peeping tom!gahhh!
ahaha , sekali shindong daaaa.
Cnblue introduce themself to shindong and he kept walk pass them?(!)LOL
Cnblue keep waiting again! 
Finally , the princess here!
Yonghwa thru CC camera:Is it her?Is she here?
She is here!She really here!*excited*
Actually , dorang ni tuka tempat , Jungshin jadi Yonghwa(SY ta taw agy dye punye husband sape)
and they like menyamar , too know how the reaction SY bagi.

Yonghwa : (maybe lahh , tak pasti conversation yang ni) she saw me?
Minhyuk :Hyung , what are you doing?
first meeting *awkward**shy*
talk , Jungshin(menyamar) introducing the members.haha.
lawak seyhh. Last-last YH mengaku yang dia lah sebenarnya hubby SY.ngehh,
YongHwa halau para CNBLUE member.jgn kacau.shuhhh*
Yonghwa:Lets get going
Seohyun: Ne~
Seohyun take a book out of her bag to lessen the nervous and awkwardness!
The book contains the question she wanna ask to her hubby.funnehhh.
HAHA.seruiously they are cute and funneh!
Love this vouple

well , sesiapa yang rasa nak tengok eventho without subs , click here
:) its worth it!


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