gambar rambut baru hee-nim kita kachak kan ? hee , saya punye!

i've been so frustrated . i aready bought the primadona craves epop last 2 days and hang the burning hawt ftisland phoster(photos+poster) on my room . the thing is , i need klik :(they said it has SOSI posters(so nyeo shi dae) . and i have seen them , they all look freakin pretty . i want those unni's poster.:(help!! i'm becaming addicted to this kpop thingy. ahh , it felt like my daily drug.neeedddd it nowww!ahh , btw , im still waiting for the ukiss vampire subs to be out . ahh , cant resist those 7 teenage boys . danng , mblaq idol army ep 6 with subs didnt get out about a while now , since they lst subbing it . ah nvm ,leter , aku searc-up kpop thingy and update oke?

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