seriously , hella f---er damn shit . ahhhhh , andwea :( Korang tahu takk , omg  i really cant breathe rite now . i cant go to the SUPER SHOW II .  Oh My Lord! yup , my friends supose to buy me the ticket , because i think it doesnt sells here at Melaka. And guess what she said to me 

"Babe , sorry weyh . Aku tak sempat beli ticket kau . Sorry sesangat :Aku tak cukup budget lah!"

WTF? and you guess what the heck is my reaction time tuh? Of coz , i get pissed off . Look , i have been anticipating for this ever since . like what , 2 month ago. tup tup , tak beli lagi pon .Well , nak curse pon tak boleh , she is my friend you know . But , i tak dapat terima hakikat yang ticket tu tak ade? Do you ge it . Chingu ah , you such a traitor oke? You promise to buy the ticket . And FYI , aku akn bayar balik lah duit untuk ROCK PIT tu.
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr , aku geget kau kang , shiyal betol lah

so conclusion nye , saye tak pergi concert tuhhhhhhh , unless i found a way to buy the ticket !!
okey i have to chill myself and forget it . KPOP time!Baby come to meeee :!

ouh yeah , the real MV for Kara is reveiled . Gogle for Lupin KARA.:)
And eah , forget to mention , T-ara is making  comeback dude,

yupp ,the MV teaser to T-ara’s comeback song ‘Crazy Because Of You’, also the title song to their repackaged 1st album ‘Braking Heart’ has been unveiled!
and now , waiting for their new appearance? Definitely a hot stuff:)

sumpah mereka ni tersangatlahhhhhhhhhh hot!

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