new boy band idol , and u know what they are EPIK'S HIGH HOEBAE.
same company as epik high:)Woorim Entertainmen.
well , its not actually confirmed yet.
and this is what Tablo said:

“New boy band Infinite is getting ready. Epik High is assisting their production. You get the first look here keke. Cheering for the Olympics. This picture was taken with UCC. Everyone Fighting (two members will be revealed next time!)”
“준비중인 새로운 보이밴드 인피닛. 에픽하이가 프로듀싱 돕고 있다. 여기서 최초공개하네요 ㅋㅋ 올림픽 응원 UCC 함께 찍다 찍은 사진. 다들 화이팅 (멤버 두명은 다음에 공개!)”\
okey , i dont know ,it seems korea is been lood by hot guys and the are idol-__- . i quiet jealous of those girls i korea~

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