super show malaysia , hope the thing wil go smothly without any problem or cancellation show .i put to much hope only for this show , and  hope sesangat ta jadi mcm ftisland concert dulu~ dont ya know back then i was so frustrated . i mean , my friends went to the concert about 4 hours before it starts , tup tup dpt tahu cacel . sape ta naik angin bhaii!siap bawak baner and belaja sesikit ckp korea tu hah! haha , okeyy , tutup , citer lama , hope if fti dtg sini , they really gonna perform , and fyi , sesape yang baca psl fti tak appreciate fans mereka , ignore the news , it just the antis taking such a nonsense picture.the picture contain is only rubbish. i mean , the picture is only the rubbish from present wrapping and boxes. nengok bebetul , they all telling a lie .

super junior oppa , this is the second time (right?) since u came to malaysia . do well and we supporting ya!
eventho , u ! HANGENG! KIBUM!  not there later , we all still supporting you ,no mater what!

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