shinee appa ranking by YOOgeun the baby

the first go to awwww , our KEY umma:)as expected from the momma of the show.
the second one is , the charismatic appa , minho :)

ahh , he actually upset from being second but it sokey :)
the third is our leader sangtae onew
he is so scared of the baby and dunno what to do ,ouh our leader!
the fourth one is jonghyunnie
he is so stif toward the baby-__- pfft , idol ah!show us your side of being a father
and the last ranking goes to our maknae taeminnie

omg , the hyung(s) mocking taemin for being the last.he is sadd now . haha , nvm , he is still a baby anyway(taemin).not qualified enough to be a appa-__-.kidding.


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