saengil chukae~ junho 2pm:)

okey , for your guys information out there ,my fellow and chingus , did ya guy now what time is it now in korea?haha , fyi, korean time is one hour fast then malaysia . so , nak dipendekkan citer lahh , hee , consider that i pose it earlier because in korea its already the 25th january (msia-24th).

what so damn good about that date(25th january)? hee ,

 ni hah! my cutie pie idol 2pm's member JUNHO! celebrating his birthday today.
oppa ,
saengil chuka hamnida saengil chuka hamnida saranghaneun oori junho oppa saengil chuka hamnida~
woot woot!*clapping**screaming**staring*
omooo , how old are you now oppa . wait wait , letme count.
2010-1990. err , how much ?
20?wow , still young maa<3 ahaha , so , u now is 21(korean age).oppa, always be hanegbok and smile always.we the 'hottest' wil always support you no matter what!and continue with yr silly wily atitude , cuz we yr fans really like that side of you :)
p/s: oppa , SARANGHAMNIDA<3


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