rolling around , sleep eat and back to same old habit routine-blogging . somehow , its getting addictive. posting a kpop update and have the feeling ppl read it , makes me happy :)ahh , not gonna stop post about it duh-__-.
ouhh yeah , ukiss is back people , with song title without you .
its kinda slow tempo but its good:)
and oh yeah , if you guys noticed , my skins changed AGAIN!haha , so , the other post yang berkait ngan hover link yang lama , abaikan oke?
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im currently lookin fer something new to watch and update. i nearly know all the program , but the airing time with subs its so late..-__-
i'll try my bestest to searc-up oke?
shinee babyshow , mblaq idol army ,2pm show on my mind list rite now:)

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