OMG, brekin hot news[taecyon 2pm & minho shinee]

 ok taecyon

hee , following his hyung step , nickhun . taec , the tall statue now is gonna ct . the charming tooth prince gonna act . ommmo , siyesly?
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yes he is , ahhh , gonna see his act !
weelll , anticipate it much ? hell yeah ,  who dosent . i bet al the hottest is now cant sit tight ,aint they ?
oke oke lemme explain huh?
It’s been confirmed that he will be playing the male lead in the upcoming drama “Cinderella’s Sister” (신데렐라 언니),im not sure what channel is it . but hopefully kbsworld ,malaysia:).well , he is not the lead actor . but at least it sokey:) haha ,
Taecyeonnie will be playing the role of Jungwoo, who is an intelligent, strong, and honest young adult. His character is also a bit naïve and has a crush on Eunjo,  the main heroin step -sister . well , is he fallin for a witch ? dunno yet-__-!oh yea i google fer the director of the film , and he said something like this
Although Taecyeon isn’t an experienced actor, his bright personality keeps him from being overwhelmed by the more experienced cast of Moon Geun Young, Chan Jungmyung, and Suh Woo. We trust that Taecyeon will be able to give life to his character which is why we chose him.”

its sokey oppa ,even u unexperience , we the hottest will support you<;3 

 choi minho
seriously , coution . shinee lovers you gonna hate this news:(

 ahaha , gamba '16' sx.
speak your hell up , guys?whatcha think about this?
okey okey , i understand ya'll feelin.lemme xplain again.
its actually a cut from lets go dream team girlidol special .actually , manyakkk agy artis pompuan yang lainn . nak check ? sat naa , i kasi link nanti.baca biar abes dulu.haha.they have to choose a partner . and the stupid mc , 'gave a chace' to touch the thighs of the guy that they choose  .means , the girl got the chance to frekin touch it. (but sebelum choosing partner)not sure if narsha, the pervert girl [mianhae , unni ya] is minhonnie patner tho , haha.
relaaaaaxxxxx , dont get burn up easily doo!

as i promise , the link-narshaminho

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