okeyy , im not sure is this a good new or bad news , actually i do can go to SUPER SHOW II. but , the problemo is im off that day , we kindda like have family outing trip , sorta like thatt , its been a while since my last looong vacation with my family and cousins buut hell yeah , seeing super junior , this is my only one chance in my life to see the idol ngux. DILEMA ,its what im facing right now ,gaaah . sighhhh , my friends show me her ticket and i was like hee .LET ME RIP THOSE TICKET OFF , YOU TRAITOR.lol.yeah , i was cravingly inside and out for those showw . and all i can talk around is the damn super show. nothin else on my mind except those SS later ,bahhhh , help me . otokajjo? omma , mianhae can i go to the show instead of our family vacation .
i bet she gonna reply like "DO , CHULAE?"translation ( you , do you wanna die?) haha.okey , enough with the jokes . ppl who get the chance tos ee suju infront of ya damnit eyes , record some vid fer me or photos will be good!:)
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