section A
okey , im not that big fan of lee hong-ki , just the way he acts cute in my cute honeybinch drama , makes me wanna squeeze him all the time:)
haha , but seeing him on mnet scandal show with a noona , make mw go whoaaare , no , jeremy , you are mine forever , did ya get that ?
haha , kidding keding*.
but it makes me worried more as in that show hong ki seems to be interested in that noona . ahh , they even kiss:! how worst is that can be? i was screaming all alone cuz i can bear to see it . adoyaii , kalau peminat hong-ki tengok ni , matilah korang kutuk pompuan tuhh , aku jeles act , i want a cute adorable boyfie like him . haha , hong-ki only kiss her if they both alone . although this is just a a show , why do i get the feeling that hong ki is srysly serious about it?
haha , okey enough!u pourin your feeling too much my dear amal:)
yeah yeah , i understand .i'll stop now!

secition B
blablabla , aku rindu dongho aku yang comel dari ukiss tulah . hee , theres none realty show about ukiss , lahhh , org nak usyar jugak pasal diorang ni . ni takde langsung-__-
dongho , kau sehat-sehat saje kan?hheeee.aku rindu menonton rancangan televisyen korea aku , minggu dpn ibu nak humban aku masuk tusyen . bye bye musicbank , invincible youth , dream team and etc . ahhhhh


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