minho shinee change from shy type to hyper friendly type?

if you guys perasan la kan , minho is used to be a really timid and shy person , suddenly became talketive . he , he once  used to be a very quiet guy , now talk to much and smile brightly :)arent that good?yes , it is . aww, oppa , chinca neomu kyoptagu!maybe after ring ding dong song release? yes , i guess so , after the song debut , he got so many offer and maybe he has open up his heart to be more friendly , kalau korang ta caye , cube check minho show , he is really changing! and i like it now better!In LETS GO DREAM TEAM he also very friendly and  moreover he is now joking around with other team member ,i mean , like when the flaming charisma starts joking?.he is so kyopta!

comel kannn? tak ?  nak penyepak?dushhh kau sekali!

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