idol magnae rebellion with MBLAQ

haha , they are soo cute here are some pic that show the loser got hit by toy hammer
seunghyun ft island gotta get hit by mir mblaq because his popularity ranking is lower than mir.poor baby:(

the second one is joon beating poor our 2am magnae jinwoon.they are so cute~joon re-acting the scene on ninja asassin

haha , and of cozz ,our hero , dongho~ beat baby choundong/thunder by hii unexpected high popularity , go dongho~aww , sorry chondung~~

look at his EVIL smirk , getting ready to hit chondung~

act , banyak lagi citer ni , panjangg~but malas nak bgtau.he ,look it up on youtube , my dear fellow baby kpop addict , okey ?

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