hee guy , eh remember ta dulu , i peNA inform kat ya'll about KHJL(kim hyin jong leader) about acting again in MY PET , well the story that adapted from japan comedy drama , storying about a young fella getting a free homestay as long he willing to be the house owner pets , well , GOOGLE it ya self , cant ya? haha , well , it seems he turned down the offer . rejecting the cast as main actor on the drama , isnt that a pity-__-? leader-gon , u said you want to be RICH , that this is your chance laaah.

Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t want to be your pet! The BOF star has turned down appearing in the troubled project My Pet, an adaptation of the Japanese manga-cum-drama.

btw , click on dosent want to be ya pet!links . it reaveling al of themm:)

well thenn ,
anyonghaseyo , amal imnida~

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