choi jonghun skinship

looking at the pic , what did ya think? "like omg , what a bitch?" and serysly another mnet scandal show , this time is our precious choi jonghunie :( ahh , the first pic is acceptable since member of ft island play a game and make a bet . nearly get a skinship . semua salah si hongki and jaejin la ni ,paksa nak kiss pulak .hah.
BUT , TENGOK GAMBA BAWAH DIA YAN BLUR ONE ,(blur sbb dlm kete) look , the girl is totally drunk and clinge on choi . the last pic is when they make an eye-contact for about 10 second. Tak sampai lima saat pon , that girl dah kiss him and ON THE LIPS . and when being ask , she just said , that she felt like doing it , again wtf! likee ewww , whoaaa , what did you do woman? Dont you know he's an idol star?aku melalak time tgok ni , although the kiss was very cute and sweet , cannot be ACCEPTABLE.ahhhhh , and jonghunnie deciede to continue dating her . u guys should watch ep 20 . that girl went for a movie with jonghunnie at dvd room , and she got all mushy up!

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