well , the condition of taking is tthis survey is just one ; shut up and keep on going . HAHA , its quite cute actually , this survey is

1. do you have namja chingu(boyfriend)
-unfortunately , no , i dont

2. do you ever wonder about ditching him?
-if i have one; depends , if he a player i surely
slap him right on his face and dumped him

3. do you have an obsession with cute male artist?
- alot . should i list them all?

4. then , can you list it?
-yeah fer sure , well ,its gonna be a long list.-,-
super junior
big bang

justine bieber
robert pattinson
taylor lautner

4. if you ever get the chance to go out with one of the list ,
who would you go out after ditching your bf
-definetly , all of the shinee . eh eh , mybe suju will do or beast
mann, i cant decide , im such a player-__-

5. how much will you show that you love him?
- i will buy all of their cd's and played the song again and again
i will buy their posters and hanging up on the wall of
my bedroom so i can see it everyday

6. do you love him more than your bestfriend?
-totally na ahh . friends comes first dude:0

7. does your bestfriend knows that you admire for the male artist?
-ya bet. apart from allthe ppl of all the world,
i surely tell her first about the updates

HAHA,im a perfect lover for the magnae group i guess:))

Copyright by Amalina Mursiedy