tagged :)

1. where di u take yr profile pic
-jamban ?

2. what exactly are you wearing now?
- tank top and sports trousers

3. what is yr current problem
- mai , aku tak tahu hadiah ape nak bagi kau weyh

4. what makes you happy most?
- getting new year present from my family , friends and hee , ulzzangs?

5. what the name of songs you listening to?
- Hsh Hush by pussycat dolls

6. any celeb you would marry
-hell yeah , alot ? nak tahu , my addiction lah

7. name someone with the sme birthday of you
- tiara jaqualina

8. ever sang in front of large audience
- haha , nyanyi kat kampung dpn atok boleh dikira tak?

9. has anyone said tat u look like a celebrity
-nahhh , im original in my own

10. do you still watch kiddie movie or kiddie tv show?
- lets see , nah . jarang , only when my lil sys nak tengok

11. do you speak any language
-malay ; fluent
-english ; fluent
-korean ; basic
-chinese ; paling basic

12. do you watch mtv?
-of coz , especially time jkpop video scope:)

1. middle name:

2.nicknames for friend

3.current location
-meja makan , sarapan

4. eye color
-dark brown . kalu with lense , red:)

5.Do you get along well with your parents?

6. Ice cream
-vanilla and berry

7. Shampoo/conditioner:
-carry junior

8. Shampoo/conditioner:
-haha , always .

9. Do you write on your hand?
-setiap hari kot ?haha

10. . Call people back?

11. Believe in love?
-nah , aku tak percaya cinta , aku tak percya C.I.N.T.A.

12. Any mental health issues?
err , haha , TAKKK!

13. broken a bone?
tak pena.

14. sprained anything?
of coz la pena do!

15. had physical therapy
-masagge? ahh , pena pena!

16. getting stitches
-tak inatlah weyh.

17. taken painkillers
-belom pena , buat ape?aku sehat walafiat lah!

err , sorry tagged sampai disini jea.in hurry , later sambong balik k?

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