like omg and i dont know what happened ,all of sudden i started to be falling in love to MBLAQ . everytime i saw their vid even a glimpse of sight , i started to watch it. haha .mungkin pengaruh dari cerita documentary MBLAW-art of seduction?. Maybe , well , cuz i started to watch it and never let it go . and i even upload it:)

And , i am an officially A-PLUSer , MLAQ ofc .and like what , im so happy to be one.haha. idol army mblaq (우상 군대 ) ep 2 didnt come out yet , and i really anticipating it .cheong-mal!ohh , im tired of waiting-gidalidaga ,2pm much?haha .

after watching and i really cant get my eyes ot of lee joon and mir . they such a cute roomate . i want to buy them ! can i?oh , amal!stop talkin nonsense okey?

well now , for the cute lil things that fan been calling them , wanna know what?

lee joon - honey abs , err , u really should see it , it so awesomly hot
mir - charismating smokey eyes magnae , aww<3>
seungho - chubby lips leader , take a bite!haha
G.O. - cute chin hair rapper , haha , unique way to steal my heart
cheondung - cute deungiedeungie dung dung~ voice

and omooo~ they are so manly , funny and full of sense of humor . they get along together well and looking for each other . haha , as for lee joon , he the one that rarey take a bath . but say what, i dont mind , the abs as enough!-__- perverted .haha , mir i like you and your clumsy atitude:) you are spoilt with your noona , and im jealous of her being clinging on you . ahh~

seungho u such a charismatic leader , but theysaid u were to fierce to them, so please dont! G.O. , haha,no comment but ily too:) cheondung , aigooo, lil cute baby , sape tanak babyface di tuh?

apart from ppl of the world,cheondung , why do you like joong juri.haha , he even give her flowers.and as always ,she got to excited and make me laugh hard!anyway

hwaiting mblaq !


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