2010 is here. and sorry for the late post . something is been botherig me and its a burdensome.yeah , i know , i shouldnt act like this . its a new year anyway , it suppose to bring me joy and laughter.huhhh , amal! wake up honey , your problem is nothing compare to the outside world okey ? heee , im not gonna act childish like i used to be . its time for me to grow up , and i mean it!
haha , cheer up amal . 2010 is coming :))
to-do list in order for better life in 2010
  1. :)goodbye sorrow , hello sunshine
  2. :)hee , nak kuruskan badan la eh
  3. :)target for full mark result ,
  4. :) nak attend all shool programe
  5. :)maybe i'll think later keyh?

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