okeyhh, firstly aku nak wish to my deary friend , ALAN for his 16th birthday.
wit for my present to come.hhaha.

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Nickhun Pictures, Images and Photos

for all 2pm ans out there, heyy . good new ppl . nickhun from legendary hot group,2pm gonna act.aww<3nticipating it huh?

That's right! The Thai Prince himself will be taking the starring role in the upcoming movie "The Shining Diploma." The comedy is of a mother who never graduated high school and so returns to receive her diploma while her son is getting ready to be wed.

The film is listed as a comedy so expect the same comedic acting from Nichkhun that you've seen throughout his adorable Star King skits.

Nichkhun will be playing the part of the second son who has a rough and rebellious personality, but is kind hearted deep inside. Rumor is that Nichkhun is going for a charismatic appearance rather than his trademark cute and sweet image.

The production team of 'The Shining Diploma' said, "We casted Nichkhun because of his unique facial features and we have high expectations for him."

Also in the movie, making a special cameo appearance, is JYP himself.it surely gonn be a hit ,i bet! haha

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