hot news people , did u know ,kim hyun joong of ss501 gonna act again?wowo , shoced huh?
well ,pena dengar tak kimi wa petto japan drama staring matsujun of arashi?
well , but now , the korean gonna make them into drama .
kim hyun joong as the hero in the drama .
wow , kimi wa petto is a drama that containing sense of humor.
watak kim hyun joong ni mengedik and kuat merengek.well , bole buat ke?hahaha. tunggu ..
sinopsis kimi wa petto ni; well,The basic premise is that of a female editor (Su-Ae playing Ji Eun Ee) at a fashion magazine whom finds a good looking young man that ran away from home starring my beby(Kim Hyun Joong playing Kang In Ho). When she finds him, she invites him to live with her in her home and she calls him “her pet.”so , they live in one roof as a owner and a pet.well , can hman be a pet. itulah kehebatan hero aku , hyun joong haha.kawaii!
first of all , try tengok kimi wa petto japan version , ta menyesal pon -___-

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