err,have heard suju full house tak?
citer ni mmg menyentuh aku.
friendship(anya eva-super junior) is the best damn thing.
bagi diorang laughter is the main point bukan status diorang sebagai artis terkenal.
diorang taknak jaga imej or control whateva depan anya and eva although these two girl is just a foreigners.
eventhough dorang duduk satu rumah dgn artist(suju) but they never treat them like one.
their friendship is so beautiful.
i easily cryy when its come to the farewell part.
cite ni act aku dah tengok lebey kurang 5 kali.
actually citer ni release tahun 2006,aku start tengok 2007.
but tetiba pagi ni aku teringat diorang and decide nak watch again.
so wth, i open it again for the sixth time in a 3 years row.haha
but seriously,their happy moment is really funny,full of joy and cares.
i hope that i get friendship like that.
dont want to be appart no matter what happens:)

Copyright by Amalina Mursiedy